Vedic Knowledge in Rishikesh at SYS Foudatiaon

  • What is mantra chanting – literally mantra means “ code” in Sanskrit . Mantra as poetic short syllables are chanted in repetition helps our mind to reach the depths of our consciousness . mantras act as seeds for opening up our higher brain functions and realize our true blissful self.
  • Meditation-meditation is deep concentration of mind and based on mantra as well. Meditation is the spiritual discipline of concentrating through the mind.

Yajna(fire worship)– Havan is a sacred fire ceremony in which various forms of the Divine gods and Demi-gods are invoked in a sacred fire that has been kindled according to the guidelines in the Vedic scriptures. God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up”

  • Worship of God– The purpose of our worship is to glorify, honor, praise, exalt, and please God. Our worship must show our adoration and loyalty to God for His grace in providing us with the way to escape the bondage of sin, so we can have the salvation He so much wants to give us. The nature of the worship God demands is the prostration of our souls before Him in humble and contrite submission


  • Astrology– Astrology is the divine knowledge of time. In Sanskrit word Joytish means “ eyes or seeing time”. Vedic jyotish studies the motion of heavenly bodies and predicts and calculates their position in the vedic kundli which has profound impact on the personality and life of an individual. Jyotish identifies 7 main planets and 27 constellations( nakshatras) that govern the lifecycle of anyone born on the planet earth.









Free yoga Education  for kids

Free yoga Education  for kids

It is a small seed only which becomes a fully grown tree, such is the capacity of this little seed. But can a fully grown tree emerge from poor looking unhealthy seed?Children are innocent and kind from their heart and also the foundations on which the future of our society and nation depends. Every nation needs a leader for their time since leaders take the nation towards the desired progress. The minds of these little children are very innocent and curious as well, they are like blank pages of a book ready to be written. Whatever they learn and acquire during this age is what they would carry on in future throughout their lives. We therefore understanding our responsibility as a citizen of a great nation are helping and guiding these young souls in the right direction.

Sanskar yogashala is vigorously working to provide foundational knowledge to these kids through free yoga classes and  free lecture on vedic knowledge. We experienced a great deal of enthusiasm and interest among these young souls while we received their love, respect and priceless emotions through their smiles and cheerful energy during our sessions and classes. We welcome all of you to join us in this cheerful sea of love and affection.


If you want to become a volunteer and Support us feel free to contact Us.  Your Most Welcome   +91 -9997190167  you can Whats up this number   or  Email us  –

We Teaching  Over 300  Childrens in Every Day Yoga Classes  Evening and Morning

Sanskar Yoga Shala Welcome you in Rishikesh (Himalaya)

Namaste ,  Welcome all seekers of yoga to the land of yoga Rishikesh ,  the ancient city from the vedic times situated in the Foothills of Himalayas. Sanskar Yogashala, The sanatan vedic School of Yoga Based on the vedic tradition of imparting knowledge also known as the Gurukula system of  Education.

Our shlal   Offering full of Yogic Accommodation  includes One Yoga Classes, Three Vegetarian meals Per day.

Welcome  to  all yoga lovers in Rishikesh  India (Himalaya)

The Day  cost 999   Indian Rupees (15$) per day for a shared room cost  includes One Yoga Classes, Three Vegetarian meals Per day.

The Day  cost  is 1500 Indian Rupees(23$) per day for a Single room  cost   includes One Yoga Classes, Three Vegetarian  meals Per day.

                                     Yogashala Schedule

7:30 to 9:00 am  –         Yoga class (Vedic Yoga) Pranayama

9:00 to 9:25am  –           Fire pooja (Yajane) Monday ,Wednesday and Friday

9:30 am                 –            Breakfast

1:00 pm                 –             Lunch

4:30 to 6:00 pm –          Yoga class (traditional  yoga)

6:15 to 7:00pm –            Mediation

6:00pm                –             Dinner




What is Mantra Yoga?

In regard to the chanting of mantra-s or mantra-yoga, what is a mantra? Mantra is a powerful world or a combination or world heard by a sage. Mantra is that world which takes the man who sincerely chants it across the ocean of rebirth. This is the highest meaning of the term mantra. There is other lesser meaning also. Mantra is an occult formula to remove various troubles or to fulfill various mundane desires. Depending upon the motives with which the mantra-s is chanted. Mantra is an incantation which, when uttered with correct intonation. Yields results through the forces of nature, deities, or angels whom one propitiates, whose hymn one utters or chants. Mantra is a word-power which could be utilize for one’s own welfare or destruction. It is like atomic energy. It is power acting according to the devotion of the man who uses it.
​Mantra –vidya (knowledge) is really the science of thought. The world has come from the thought of god. It emerged into gross form by the projection of his word Om. Om is Veda or knowledge of god. It is sound. Thus one can see that mantra, nada or Veda is all inter-linked. The Veda-s is full of mantra-s of great thought-powers which have come from nada or sound. Thus, every mantra has a particular nada or sound intonation. If the intonation is not known, the mantra may not yield the full result. Therefore students of the Veda-s know that mantra-s of the sama-veda. At the same time, it is not enough to know only the sounds. But one should also know the words, without which the results will not be the same. There are examples in the Veda-s where opposite results occurred for failure to utter the worlds of the mantra correctly.
Therefore mantra-vidya is a great thought-science which should be practiced under competent teacher…​


 एक  दिब्य  प्रकश अंदर भी हँ  Divine light within you

Yoga should not  be Just an Exercise for us  but it should be  a means to get  connected  with the world and with nature.

Narendra Modi  (Prime Minister of India)


(दिब्य  प्रकश )अगर  अंदर  का दिया जला हुआ हँ  – देखो  अंदर  का दिया तूफान में नहीं बुजेग ‘ यह खूबी हँ उसमे  इसलिए  सबके गट में जो दिया हँ उसको जलोऊ ‘ क्योकि जब तूफान एय्गा  तो सब दिए  बुझे  जायेगे पर अंदर का दिया जलता रहेगा !

हरी ॐ योगाचर्य नवीन  जोशी






Positive Thoughts Being a Good Day

There is no path to happiness
Happiness is the path

Distance doesn’t matter
If roots of your relationship are strong enough.

Naver think you are week if you cry
Every tear is replaced with wisdom and strength.

Himalayan Yogi

Life is a circle of happiness sadness, hard times and good times.
If you are going through hard times,have faith that good times are coming.

I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells I honor the place in you which is of love,light,peace and joy.
When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me ,
we are One. 🕉Namste

What is Ayurveda

 A HOLISTIC SCIENCE OF LIFE, whose principles are applied to maintain Health of the.  Body ,Mind ,Soul


AYU – LIFE   :- Refers to all aspects of life from birth to death.   VEDA- SCIENCEOF KNOWLEDGE learning knowledge at the deepest level


To promote, protect and maintain the health of a healthy person.To treat and prevent the disease of a person.

Tridosha-The doshas are the basic operating principles which govern the psycho-biological aspect of the body.

               Functions of  VATA- Vata promotes and regulates the activities of the mind Vata governs the intestinal motility facilitating the downward movement of food we consume.Vata governs whole process of respiration.Vata generates consciousness and expression Vata stimulates the activities of Pitta and KaphaVata assists in the fusion of the sperm and ovum to create the zygote, ensures it’s healthy development and expulsion from the uterus Vata stimulates the expulsion of wastes from the body.

Functions of Pitta- Pitta generates and maintains some natural urges, like hunger, thirst.Pitta represents various secretions, responsible for digestion. Pitta regulates the complexion and suppleness of skinPitta is instrumental in the maintenance of vision. Pitta supports certain mental phenomenon like intellectual comprehension, Conviction, courage and velour. It causes “Thermo-regulation” and constitutes an important function of Pitta.
Like in living cell,

 Functions of Kapha- Kapha imparts immunity against diseases. It maintains the fluid balance.Mental phenomenon like, intellectual stability, determinations are governed by Kapha Kapha maintains the structural integrity and confines Individual organs to their specific location. It protects the bodily organs against physiological injury.

Balanced and unbalanced state of Tridosha 

The balanced state of Vata, Pitta, Kapha is health and it means that all the biological elements like lipids, proteins, sugar, calcium etc are present in normal amounts and are of good quality.

The unbalanced state of these 3 doshas give rise to diseases like atrophy, tumor, hyperthyroidism etc. Now, doshas, the saviours, become the sinners of the body.

PRAKRITI (Constitution)

When the sperm and the ovum unite in the uterus to form a zygote, the doshas decide the physical constitution (prakriti) of the child). 4 principal factors are responsible for the prakriti of an individual:-

The paternal factor.

The maternal factor.

The state of the womb of the mother and the season.

The food of the mother.

If the state of balance among the doshas is very disturbed, there may be prevention of conception of growth of the zygote or malformation of the embryo.

If there is only moderate excess in one or two of the dosha, this will determine the physical constitution (prakriti) of the child. This constitution remains with the individual throughout each life. It does not change during the life span.

Testimonials Yoga Teacher Training in India with Sanskar Yogashala

Thank you for your loving kindness and teachings.  I feel I have found a home here at the sanskar Yogashala .  My heart has opened so much and I have learned about loving presence to myself and to others.  Your team  are wonderful guides for this transformative journey.

Celestine Schorlmer (Germany )

Thank you for the wonderful time and Yogic life experience, the teachings and wisdom, the love and joy

Jack  (Switzerland)

I have learned a tremendous amount from the two of you through these two teacher trainings and feel privileged to be a part of Sanskar Yogashala.  Thank you so much upon me.

Melanie Lutz (Germany)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful experience.  It feels like the beginning of a deeper chapter in this journey I’m on and I’m so glad that you have been a part of it.  My time in India was wonderfull with Sanskar Yogashala.

Eark  (Germany )

I feel blessed to benefit from your teachings and sharing of what you’ve learned and where you’ve been on the path. With sincere love and respect,

  Aoi ji  (Thailand)

Woohooo 200hours Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh  at Sanskar Yoga Shala comoleted. After 4 intense weeks with lots of  knew knowledge I feel exhausted but happy and proud at the same time! Now the real journey beings 🙂 thanks to all of my Teachers and to the others student  who helped me all to get through this Course and to overcome one and  another challenges again with Sanskar Yogashala

Constanze Walter (Germany )




Yoga Course in Rishikesh Experience

Wooohoo- 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training  in Rishikesh at Sanskar Yogashala  Completed ! after 4 Intense weeks  with lots of know knowledge  I feel Exhausted but happy and Proud  at the same time  now the real Journey beings . thanks  to all of My Teachers and to the other student who helped  me all  to get through this Course  and do  overcome one and another challenges ! Namste


Samadhi is such a subtle state of chitta (mind stuff) and intellect as brings face-to-face the subtle and essential nature of objects by analyzing them. In this knowledge there is no possibility of doubt, wrong or perverted knowledge or imagination. By the discourse of the sages in scriptures. Only general knowledge of an object can be gained, but the special knowledge attained by Samadhi is beyond the grasp of the senses and is the means of attaining. Moksha or liberation. By showing this super sensual knowledge the Samadhi-s takes one to the very gate of moksha. Both the samkhya and the yoga schools of philosophy consider Alinga prakriti (non-manifest nature) to be the balanced state of the three guna-s (sattwa, rajas and tamas-purity, passion, inertia) and all objects of the world, being evolved from prakriti, have the nature of the three guna-s (qulitities).knowledge of the objects is also in accordance with the three guna-s, therefore chitta and Buddhi (mind –stuff
and intellect) are expression of the three guna-s and demonstrate cause and effect. But they are unable to show atman or chetna tattwa (the conscious principle) directly. Thus these Samadhi-s too are special expression of three Guna-s because they are all states of mind –stuff and intellect which consist of the three Guna-s. therefore, according to the predominating Guna in the chitta and Buddhi(mind-stuff and intellect), Samadhi is also associated with the same guna. Hari  OM